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Phase: Project.
Surface area: 15,605 m2.
Client: ACP LEVEL, S.A.
Type: Multifamily


With respect to the proposed building plots two blocks called H-1 and R-1, the first located northwest of the sector and the second south. Of course, there is the hotel plot in the most accessible (near the Vial A), as surfaces assignments, and allowed the north to the residential.

Apple surface is 3,761 m2 hotel. and the residential is 4,918 m2. Largest area is proposed in the residential as the southern part passes a high voltage line, which in the case that you could not bury, the building should be set back a distance permitted by the Rules of High Voltage.

The topography of both plots is fairly rugged, especially residential intended.

It is planned to open a typology of multi-family housing management in the plot R1, designing a building in stages to be adapting to the terrain, and are provided spacious gardens and private open spaces in which to locate areas and pool. This range of spaces is made possible by the maximum allowable occupancy (40%) which is much lower than the Ordinance OA-1 (60%).

The minimum separation of residential building public boundaries will be 1/3 of the height of the building, and can allow the abutment to the hotel plot.

In this block is proposed, according to the modification of items being processed, the height of the block R-1 shall be recessed penthouse PB +3 + 2 m. regarding alignment floor, so it has limited the maximum height that allows OA-3 buildable height PB +4, so because of the possibility of abutment with the building hotel proposed in volumetrics of the proposed guidance (drawing No. 13) allows us to compositional homogeneity of the two buildings.

In the hotel block H-1, is planned ordinance H-2 according to the Modification of approved items definitely, which corresponds to the H-3 of the General Plan, allowing PB buildable height +3 + Penthouse recessed, to height as proposed in the residential, with a maximum occupancy of 60% and a minimum public separation boundaries of one third of the height of the building, and can allow the abutment to the residential plot.

The residential block (R1) is assigned the number of housing development and set out below, with the maximum of 1 dwelling per 100 m2. residential use right to the promoter (6,000 m2.), so it is limited to 60 homes.